Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Golden Moment - PX680 Color Shade Gold Edition Photo Contest -WINNER-
Title: Winter Swans by Andrew Millar. Film: PX680 Color Shade Gold Edition. Camera: Polaroid SX-70. All photos are copyright of Andrew Millar©

[FEATURED POLAROID ARTIST #1] I have been facebook friends with Andrew Millar since March last year. And I would [LOVE] to share his Polaroid magic with you, as part of the new Featured Polaroid Artist series. Currently residing in Whitechapel, East London he works mainly with Polaroid SX-70 cameras and exploring manipulation techniques through instant film. At most weekends Andrew sells originals and prints at his market stall in Brick Lane, East London. He also liaises quite regularly with The Impossible Project testing out new their films. And recently the winner of the Golden Moment - PX680 Color Shade Gold Edition Photo Contest with his Polaroid Winter Swans. The contest was set online by Impossible Shop Wien in Vienna, Austria. In the past year Andrew's Polaroid work has come on in leaps and bounds and I love the mystical feel to his photos. Among his subject matters are butterflies, deers, horses, swans and trees. Check out more of his work on his flickr and facebook fan page. You can also contact him directly if you are interested in any of his originals and prints.


  1. Hi Graham!

    I'm a huge fan of Andrew Millar's photography. And I'm really enjoying your blog. I'm in awe of what people are doing with instant film.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Susan Stayer

    1. Hi Susan!

      Thanks for your kind comment, yes Andrew's work is very inspiring, Really happy you are enjoying the blog, I love putting it together and sharing with everyone! Many thanks for reading!

      Graham : )