Sunday, 27 February 2011

I ♥ Aperture & Photography Variety Store

Located in the historic Cleveland, U.S. state of Ohio and the neighbourhood of Tremont. Aperture was established in 2010 to be a true photography and variety store. But not that of the digital world. Analog is King here. Film lives here. Old is new. Polaroids, Medium-format, 35mm, Black and White, Colour. This unique space offers a huge gallery of analog and instant photographs, ideas, thoughts, and expressions. Their line of film is not enormous, but revolving. What is on offer one week will not be the same as the next. 120, 35mm, Polaroid, and modified 620 film are all available. 

Aperture can transfer from the boring, dull world of digital, to the exciting, surprising, and emotional world of analog, film, and instant photography. Put away your digital and come on in!

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