Thursday, 9 February 2012


Joey Arias

Matt Smith

Carrie Fisher 
Chris Rock

Darth Vader

Julie Newmar    All photographs ©Rick DeMint

There is always something delightful about celebrities caught on instant film. Polaroid artists such as Andy Warhol, Maripol and Jeremy Kost have all successfully documented them. And now I can add Rick DeMint to my inspiration list. Founder of the rather quirky term Portroids - a combination between Polaroid and portrait. He has been travelling around and capturing inspiring personalities with his Spectra for almost a decade. And his collection of Polaroid portraits has grown to an amazing few thousand! DeMint continues to target awesome people, asking each portroidee to sign while the photo develops. Family and friends also join in the fun with his ongoing instant film diaries. Admire the full Portroids collection, blog and portroidcast on Rick DeMint's website. Also visit his flickr and facebook pages.

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