Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Photographs by ©Stefanie Schneider

Today I came across and fell in love with Stefanie Schneider's enlarged washed out, distorted images. The German photographer has successfully exploited the flaws of exposed Polaroid film by juxtaposing her own narrative compositions with alluring female characters, kitschy accessories with hats, wigs and sunglasses. Set against chosen sunlit Californian backdrops. Together her photos evoke a mixture of love, pain, loneliness and alienation. Stefanie's latest exhibition, Stranger than Paradise is currently showing at Scott White Contemporary Art gallery in San Diego, California until February 25. To see more of Stefanie's amazing instant dreams click here. Recommended Book: 29 Palms, CA: Pocket Polaroids Series #004. Available from with prices starting from £16.33.

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