Saturday, 1 June 2013


Ceci n'est pas un cadavre exquis (This is not an exquisite corpse) by Marion Lanciaux
[12.12 Project - April- Surrealism]

The Broken Tulip by Sarah Seené
[12.12 Project - April - Surrealism]

Sunny Side Up by Penny Felts
[12.12 Project - April - Surrealism]

Ashes to Ashes by Rhiannon Adam
[12.12 Project - April - Surrealism]

The Guest by Amanda Mason
[12.12 - April - Surrealism]

The 12.12 Project: 12 Polaroid Photographers. 12 themes. 12 months.

Sometimes when hooking up with a group of fellow creatives, it reignites my stifled creativity. This is what Tennessee based film photographer, Penny Felts set out to do with her inspiring The 12.12 Project. In response to pushing and challenging her own creativity into new ways as a photographer, she invited and selected 11 women photographers whose work she respected and admired to participate on her project. It was then The 12.12 Project was born merging the instant film talents of Penny Felts, Carmen De Vos, Amanda Mason, Kat White, Sarah SeenĂ©, Emilie Trouillet, Maritza de la Vega, Emilie Le Fellic, Marion Lanciaux, Rachel Baez, Agafia Polynchuk and Rhiannon Adam. Every month each photographer chooses a theme which challenges and pushes each artist out of their comfort zone, with a creative photographic response to powerful thought starters. With a planned worldwide exhibition tour and a published book following the completion of the project, I really look forward to see how this unique project unfolds. Follow the project on their website and facebook. The 12.12 Project is supported by The Impossible Project. 

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