Sunday, 19 December 2010

I ♥ Instant Film: The Impossible Project + 20x24 Studio

Perhaps no other Levi's® Photo Workshop collaborator personifies the idea of 'work' more than the IMPOSSIBLE Project. Founded in 2008 to salvage the medium of analog photography in the wake of Polaroid's closure, IMPOSSIBLE has essentially had to rebuild the beloved film from scratch. It's a slow, arduous process—but one that Dave Bias and Anne Bowerman (of IMPOSSIBLE USA) haven't shied away from at all. Jennifer Trausch and the 20x24 Studio, meanwhile, maintain and operate one of the only large-format Polaroid cameras in existence. It seems that the two instant film entities have much to offer one another, and IMPOSSIBLE is currently attempting to create its own brand of large-format instant film for 20x24's supercamera. Their futures would appear to be inextricably tied together, and the Levi's® Workshop is happy to have been a part of their story.

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