Friday, 27 April 2012


©William Wegman

Artist William Wegman is best known for his remarkable collection of compositions employed by his Weimaraner muses. Cleverly juxtaposing them against non-canine subjects and human situations with the use of a Polaroid 20x24-inch camera. The series began with a fruitful twelve year collaboration with first his first dog, Man Ray before moving on to the more famously Fay Ray in 1986. Wegman's cast of characters continued to grow a few years later with the litter arrivals from both Fay and her daughter. Hundreds of his unique large format photographs are now well known through exhibitions, books, magazine covers and his bestselling calendars. In 2010 Wegman's Avalanche, a 20x24-inch Polaroid depicting Man Ray being covered in flour, was auctioned for the sum of $30,000 as part of the Polaroid Collection Auction at Sotheby's in New York. His photographs, paintings and videos have been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. Check out more of Wegman's work here and facebook.

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