Monday, 26 May 2014


'Roid Week has come and gone already, too quickly! It's like an extra Christmas for us instant film addicts! But a second one is planned for October this year! Again, there was so many inspiring images, so thanks to everyone for sharing their beautiful magic! And further thanks to all the kind comments and favourites for my own contributions this year! It has been great to be more creative on my own Polaroids, a great experience with some learning curves (how nerve wrecking was the first emulsion lift!!). Below is a very small selection of some of the amazing images that caught my eye. See you all in October!

© A Parting Gift by Ben Innocent

© Blossom Beauties by Anna Marcell

© Along The Stones by Bastiank80

© cape_may by ©rommel
© La cachette secrète by WelcomeToSarahland

© ROID WEEK 2014/1 by The Gentlemen Amateur 

© Chapter 5.1 by amamason

© #Roidweek Day 5, Picture 14: Dreamy Deer by Joep Polaroid Photography
© drawn in / drowning by marion brossard (milky soldier)

© I thought, I was with - Salt spring island, BC, Canada by mikael bidard
© Second. by Ashley R. Good
© I left my heart(s) in Paris by Rhiannon Adam
© Untitled by Leanne Surfleet

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